Biotin benefits for skin

Biotin benefits for skin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, has many benefits for your overall health. It is particularly beneficial for your skin as it helps hydrate the skin, reduces itching and inflammation, and helps treat acne, among other benefits.

Benefits of biotin for your skin

Biotin helps the body use enzymes and carry nutrients in the body. For healthy skin, it is necessary to have a sufficient amount of biotin in the body. Biotin deficiency can lead to skin problems, while the right level of biotin in the body keeps the skin healthy and beautiful - the skin looks soft, glows and stays acne free.

The following are the benefits of biotin for the skin.

Hydrates the skin

Some research studies have shown that biotin supplementation can help people with dry skin keep it hydrated. It makes the skin smoother and softer and increases its glow.

Removes redness from the skin

Biotin deficiency is rare, but when it does happen, it leads to a red rash on the skin. Taking biotin-rich foods or supplements can reduce skin redness. It can also provide relief from a burning sensation on the skin.

Keeps skin healthy

A healthy diet is vital to keep your skin healthy. Including biotin in your diet or taking biotin supplements can help improve skin health.

Strengthens nails

The health of your nails is as important as that of any other body part. However, many of us ignore taking care of them. This can result in nails breaking repeatedly or not growing properly. If you are one such person, taking biotin can be beneficial for you. Biotin strengthens nails and helps them to grow faster.

Helps reduce acne

Poor eating habits, hormonal imbalance and stress often lead to acne. Biotin can prove to be effective in managing acne. There is ample evidence now to back this claim.

Soothes itching and burning

You may develop itchy skin or have a burning sensation on the skin due to a variety of reasons such as a skin rash or acne. Biotin can prove to be effective in calming the itching and burning of the skin. Biotin controls acne and redness from the skin and provides relief from skin irritation.

Get rid of scaly skin

Biotin deficiency can lead to dry and scaly skin. And who wants dry scaly skin?! Applying a biotin-rich cream or taking biotin supplements and foods can help avoid dry scaly skin.

How to use Biotin for skin?

If you want to keep your skin healthy, acne free and beautiful always, consider including biotin in your diet and skincare routine -

  • If you have biotin deficiency or its symptoms, consult your doctor and start taking biotin supplements if advised.
  • Biotin can also be obtained from fish, eggs, non-veg, dairy products, nuts and seeds.
  • Using a biotin-rich cream, face wash or serum for the skin can also be beneficial.

Biotin side effects for your skin

If biotin supplements, foods or skin care products are used on the advice of a doctor, the chances of any side effects are minimal to none. However, if biotin is used in excess, then you may experience some skin-related problems. Biotin may be a vitamin, but still, it should be used and consumed in appropriate quantities. Hence, always consult your doctor before using biotin products and avoid overusing them.


Biotin is a vitamin B. It is beneficial for health and hair as well as skin. Biotin makes the skin soft, glowing and beautiful. It also gets rid of acne, irritation and redness. Use biotin-based products on your doctor's advice. To keep your skin healthy, also follow a good skincare routine.

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