Biotin for Hairfall

Biotin for Hairfall

Everyone wishes to have long, thick and beautiful hair. But what do you do if you are facing hair loss?

It is considered normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs in a day. However, when significantly more hair fall every day, the person is considered to have excessive hair fall. Dust, pollution, stress and lack of vital nutrients are considered the main causes of hair loss that are under your control. 

People use different products or hair treatments to stop hair loss. Apart from this, some people also start taking vitamin A, vitamin E and protein supplements. Besides these supplements, biotin-rich foods can also be included in your diet to prevent hair loss. Biotin strengthens the hair from the root and is effective in controlling hair loss.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of biotin for hair loss.

How is Biotin beneficial for hair fall?

Biotin, a B vitamin, is also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H. Biotin stimulates the keratin - a type of protein - in the hair and promotes the growth of follicles. This strengthens the hair from the root and helps in preventing hair fall.

A deficiency of biotin can lead to the start of hair loss. Hair starts looking thin and very weak. If you are facing excessive hair loss, consult your doctor and get a biotin deficiency test done. If it turns out you have a biotin deficiency, then taking biotin supplements and biotin-rich foods can be beneficial for you.

Some more benefits of biotin for your hair are as follows -

  • Biotin can be beneficial in hair disorders
  • Biotin may also be useful for those suffering from alopecia
  • Biotin can improve hair growth. It not only helps stop hair fall, but also promotes hair growth
  • Biotin can also be effective in hair regrowth
  • Biotin helps in preventing baldness

How to use of biotin for hair loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, you can include biotin in your diet as follows:

  • If you are experiencing excessive hair fall, then first thing you need to do is to inclue biotin-rich foods such as nuts & seeds, fish and eggs in your diet
  • You can switch to a biotin-rich shampoo Shampoos containing biotin can be helpful in reducing hair fall
  • Taking a biotin supplement on the advice of a doctor can also control hair fall. Biotin deficiency can be managed by taking the right amount of biotin supplement daily.

How much Biotin supplement should you take to stop hair loss

If you have a biotin deficiency, the best thing to do is to manage it by including biotin-rich foods in your diet. For this, eggs, fish, broccoli, sweet potatoes and cauliflower are good options. At the same time, consult your doctor and start taking a good biotin supplement. 3 mg of biotin can taken daily can be helpful in stemming hair loss. Along with biotin, you can also take zinc, vitamin C and folic acid to strengthen your hair.


Although there can be many reasons for hair loss, the lack of biotin in the body can also be a culptrit. If you are deficient in biotin, your hair can appear thin and lifeless. To strengthen your hair, you can take a biotin supplement on the advice of a doctor. Biotin strengthens the hair from the roots and can help in controlling hair fall.

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